Author's Guide

Guidelines for Submission of Research Article & Peer-Reviewed

 As per HEC policy, the manuscript will be published subject to plagiarism clearance. The other guidelines are as follows:

Preparation of the Manuscript: Articles written only in English language are accepted for publication. Spellings should follow Webster’s Dictionary or Oxford English Dictionary. All submissions may have a title, abstract, keywords, introduction including study area, relevant work/literature, methodology, result & analysis, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgement (if any), and references sections.

Abstract: The abstract section is the mandatory part for all articles. An abstract is a concise summary of the whole paper, not just the conclusions. It should state the purpose of the study, hypothesis, method, analysis, main findings and conclusions.

Introduction: It should contain the theoretical framework, rationale of the study and the litreature review of updated and relevant researches. Research objectives and / or hypotheses should be clearly listed.

Methodology: This section should include the design of the study, description of the study sample, assessment protocols, ethical considerations (for social sciences Journals if applicable) and the procedure of data collection.

Results and Analysis: The results should be presented in a logical sequence in the text utilizing tables and illustrations (figures). Do not state the information that has been already presented. Tables, figures and illustrations must be prepared according to prescribed referencing format. Each table must have a title, and must be numbered in sequence. Clear notes should be made by the author(s) at the approximate point of insertion in the text.

Discussion: This section includes major findings; and emphasize new and important aspects of the study including conclusion and implications. Repetition of the material already provided in the Introduction section and Results must be avoided.

Conclusions: This section reflects the conclusive statements based on major findings of the manuscript. It may include any recommendations for future study. 

References: International Standard References Style (i.e. APA ) should uniformly be followed throughout the publication.

Authors Note: Include the names of all authors, according to their position in authorship, their organizational / departmental affiliations, contact details and complete postal as well as email address(es) of the corresponding author.

Who can Submit?

BURJES encourages researchers from academia and industry to submit original research papers and state-of-the-art reviews.

  • Research Paper: 10 pages (including reasonably-sized figures and references)
  • Reviewed Pape:  5-6 pages (including reasonably-sized figures and references)

How to submit?

BURJES allows worthy researchers to submit their research papers through the Open Journal System (OJS)  submission Portal. However, In case of any inconvenience, the authors/readers may contact us at

Online Submissions

Manuscripts should be submitted by one of the authors of the manuscript using OJS website of BURJES.

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Formatting Guidelines of the Manuscript

BURJES welcome submission of at least one manuscript in a specific volume of BURJES by the author(s). The authors are advised to adhere to the Guidelines for the preparation of the manuscript and make sure before submission.

  • The manuscript must be typed in MS WORD (Times New Roman).
  • Set manuscript in two columns (except Title, Author names, Affiliations, Email Abstract, Keywords, and large size maps/graphs/figures).
  • All section headings (un-numbered, and bold size). Three levels of headings can be used: Paper Title (center, bold, 12 font size and in title case), Author Name (center, 11 font size and in capital letters). Affiliations and address (center, 10 font size, and in sentence case). In the case of more than one author, please mention that to whom the correspondence should be addressed.
  • The text should be typed (10 font size) in double-space of A4 size page.
  • Standard International units are recommended.
  • Figures and Tables should be placed within the text.
  • Prefer high-resolution Figures (in JPEG or TIFF format) prepared/modified by the contributing authors. Place all Tables (in editable format).
  • Figures and tables should have precise captions.
  • All references should be cited in the text. For example, the single-author study cited as (Mubarik, 1991), a study by two authors, be cited as (Ali and Jahangir, 2016) and a study of three or more authors be cited as (Khan et al., 2020). All references in APA style will be listed alphabetically, at the end of the paper.
  • The acceptable length for the manuscript is a maximum of 10 pages including Text, Tables, Figures and, References.


Publication in BURJES is free of charge. The authors are encouraged to submit the manuscripts without any fee or publication/processing charges for submission, review, or publication of the manuscripts in BURJES.